Early stage of lymphoma

Friday was diagnosed with lymphoma early February 2020. Our vet told us she’ll live for at least 6 months but not sure how much longer after that. We decided to give her the best life in her remaining days.

We took our professional vet advise on medication to suppress her tumour growth. At the same time, we trusted Jerica from Pawfect Food to manage her daily diet. Friday is on their customised Freshly Cooked Recipe that is specially curated to her health need.

Friday was prescribed to steroid medication that should be taken twice every day for the rest of her life. After 3 months of medication & Pawfect Food, our vet cut down the medicines to once a day.

Till date, we were told that her tumour has shrunk to a size that is no longer there and she doesn’t need to take steroids anymore but we still need to monitor if there’s any suspicious tumour growth.

As her pet parents, we were once devastated to now hopeful & grateful. It’s amazing that how a change in her food has helped her through this fight!

So glad we made the right decision on choosing the paw-fect food & professional vet advise. She is now belly happy and we hope she lives the best in her doggy life!

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