Belle used to have joints

Belle used to have joints problem from birth. Her hind leg had joint sounds which caused her discomfort and pain. Her vet said she can’t do anything abt it. Once she started Pawfect journey for a few months, I noticed her movements doesn’t have joints sound anymore. It makes me happy that the food from […]

非常感谢Pawfect, 把我的毛孩带回健康的皮肤。

非常感谢Pawfect, 把我的毛孩带回健康的皮肤。之前我的毛孩都是常年皮肤敏感,都是靠着药物来控制皮肤敏感问题。但是自从认识了鲜食,也让我的毛孩食用,我秉持着卖主的一句话,停止药物,主人要心脏强大,同时要坚持。就是这句话我的毛孩在3个月内逐渐的康复,现在已经食用了7个月,我的毛孩到现在一颗药物都没吃,皮肤问题已经大大的改善。在此感谢卖主细心的教导,因为有你们我的毛孩恢复健康的生活 Ben Zai

My babies just love everything

My babies just love everything by Pawfect foods. As a dog mom, their diet is very important to me and pawfect food prepares wholesome formulas with so much love and care. Everything is freshly made and smells amazingly good. Thank you so much for looking after my babies like your own. Sassy and Kutty

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