Raw-some Quail


Quail is a novel protein, making it a good solution for pets with food allergies or food sensitivities to proteins such as beef or chicken. Quail meat is a relatively lean, low-calorie protein option for dogs and acts as a natural source of essential vitamins. Quail is also high in phosphorus and iron, which helps support strong muscle development.

Key Ingredients

70% MEAT

30% VEGE

Whole quail including internal organs & bones, 5 kinds of vege & fruits (rotates alternately every batch), balance of oil, herbs, & our special formulated Nutrient Blend Booster ®

Core Benefits

Our freshly cooked recipes are designed for even the pickiest eater to finish off their entire meal.

  • Single protein recipe
  • Gently cooked & prepared for optimal nutrient absorption
  • Entice picky eaters at meal time
  • Made by hand in small batches
  • Complemented by seasonal vegetables & booster
  • All natural 100% Human-Grade Ingredients
  • STRICTLY NO artificial preservatives / additives / taste enhancers
  • STRICTLY NO meat dust & nasties
  • Made with fresh whole foods

  For dogs with little or no food allergies, you can order multiple recipes so your dog can enjoy a variety of recipes in each delivery! Perfect for taste-testing and seeing what your dog loves! Bring it on, picky pups.

  Do consider feeding with variation! Your dog gets different nutrients, lowers risks of allergies as they get to eat different ingredients (train their digestive systems) and stay excited every month. 😋

  Got questions? Check out the most common questions that our customers have for us here. Does your dog has certain allergies we need to know? Drop us a message here.


We're trying to minimise plastic usage! Would you like to receive your meals with less packaging? Food will still be individually packed to serving sizes.

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Feed 3%-5% of your pets healthy adult weight per-day.

*Please note that this is only a recommendation. Other factors such as metabolism, age and activeness can affect consumption. Increase / decrease feeding gradually to reach the preferred balanced size & weight. It is best to observe and adjust the amount as required.

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