Bugger Off Blend


Natural Flea & Tick Prevention | 80g

A blend of organic brewers yeast and garlic to help prevent pests naturally :

  • PREVENTION: Repels ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, and biting insects.
  • NUTRITIOUS & DELICIOUS: Just add this in the amount as advised into your dog’s food.
  • NATURAL & ORGANIC: Whole food based, made of premium human grade quality, free from artificial ingredients, synthetic nutrients, preservatives, and chemical processing.
  • PROUDLY HOME-MADE: Safe and ethical production starts at home. We proudly mix our products in our own humble facility.

Brewer’s yeast and garlic to help prevent fleas & ticks from attacking your pet by creating an odor that’s unnoticeable to you and your pet, but unpleasant to fleas, ticks, and other biting insects.

  • Garlic is a common natural remedy or repelling fleas and ticks – Pet’s skin gives off a natural smell caused by the special safe mixture of vitamins, keeping pests away.
  • Garlic contains a number of important amino acids as well as vitamins and minerals – Acts as a broad-spectrum antimicrobial against viruses, bacteria, dangerous fungi and internal worms.
  • Brewer’s Yeast provides a superb antioxidant and liver detoxifying agent.
  • Omega-3 fatty acid helps enhance joint & heart function and promote healthy skin and coat.
  • Chromium – Helps to maintain blood sugar levels in the body.
  • Antioxidants – Maintaining skin and coat health
  • B-complex vitamins – Stress relief & calming aid for nervous dogs.
  • Helps dogs with allergic reaction to flea bites
  • Reduce scratching and irritated skin
  • Increasing palatability of food
Ingredients & Details

Fine powder form

(40g) per tub

Organic brewers yeast flakes, Raw Garlic That’s all.

Feeding Instructions

Mix in meals daily; as needed

1-3kg   1/8 teaspoon
4-9kg   1/4 teaspoon
10-15kg  1/2 teaspoon
16-20kg  1 teaspoon
21kg-30kg  2 teaspoon

1-2kg  1/8 teaspoon
3-5kg  1/4 teaspoon
6-10kg 1/2 teaspoon




This blend is ONLY for supplementary use to help provide nutritional support in canines diets for overall well-being. It’s NOT a substitute for any medicine and NOT intended for curing or healing specific sickness or diseases. Always consult your vet before starting a new regimen.

  • Best stored in refrigerator at all times.
  • Consume within 12 months from purchase
  • Keep away from direct heat or humidity
  1. Dogs with yeast allergies or colitis flares up.
  2. Dogs with anemia, diabetes or allergies to yeast.
  3. Dogs undergoing surgery; garlic is a natural blood thinner.
  4. Pregnant or nursing dogs.

**Brewer’s yeast might cause bloating and gas if given in larger quantities. It is important to note that some dogs may be allergic to yeast. If your dog happens to be allergic, he will likely develop dry and itchy skin, possibly even a rash. If this happens, stop supplementation and wait for the rash to clear up. If the rash clears, do not give your dog any more brewer’s yeast. However, if the rash continues, it is likely due to some other cause and you should take your dog to the vet.

***Garlic though long known and used as a safe medicinal plant in holistic medicine for people and pets, it has come under scrutiny for the role one of its compounds may play in a condition affecting the red blood cells in some pets. Please know that the amount of garlic found in our Bugger Off Blend, is included at levels known to be safe for our animal companions. Garlic would need to be ingested at extremely high levels for an extended period of time to have a detrimental effect on a companion animal’s health.

  dog's with health concerns

Our products are formulated for general maintenance of dog's at all ages.However, if your dog is having any health related concerns and conditions, kindly have our team informed on this so that we can provide you better suggestions deemed to your dog's situation. 



  • Monitor your dog for diarrhea / vomit after they’ve tried them for the first time. This might be due to transitioning, but if such conditions extends to more than 1 day, seek medical attention immediately.
  • Discontinue if there's any signs of intolerance.
  • Please obtain advise from your trusted veterinarian before giving if/or you're pet is having any health concerns.

Products may vary in shape, texture and colour from batch to batch as our all-natural food are processed by hand in our kitchens. 

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