It all began with dogs..

It all started when Jerica went on a journey to improve her dog Amigo & Nanah’s health. Having better understanding of how commercial kibbles were processed & made, Jerica started creating a homemade diet for them from her humble kitchen. Over time, she witness tremendous changes in her furkids overall health & energy levels.

Compliments naturally came rolling in and soon after words starts to spread. Paw-rents came knocking her door asking if she can cook for their dogs, the results were striking and impossible to ignore. Throughout the years, Jerica’s recipe fed countless of dogs & helped recovered several critically ill rescued dogs through their diet.

” The one thing we can do to prolong our dogs life is through their tummies & it starts with what goes in their bowl “

Being mom to the pickiest eating dog Hei Hei, Cherry was introduced to Jerica’s freshly home cooked food. The most obvious ones started with the sheer joy of seeing Hei Hei finishing his meals in one sitting. No more fussy eating. No more leftovers. In just few days, stools were also lesser, smaller and firmer plus not as sticky & after weeks, coats get glossy, furry soft, weight & overall health is maintained. It was simply mind blowing!

Fast forward to now, Pawfect Food is born so that both Jerica & Cherry can better share their passion and belief in the power of fresh foods for dogs to even more dog owners so that puppers all over Malaysia can thrive.”

Our mission

We’ve seen paw-rents struggling over furkids with health issues from skin allergies, over or underweight, poor digestion, to chronic illness. Education is key to our furkids’ wellbeing and their nutrition is only as good as your decision-making. Our mission is to provide fresh, nutritious quality food for your pets & making it conveniently easier for you. Nothing please us more than to see your pets enjoy their mealtimes and live longer, healthier lives. We might not be able to change the world, but we sure hope to change a dog’s life one at a time.

Our values

At Pawfect Food, all our recipes are cooked & prepared in small batches in our kitchen. Hand crafted for our furkids & yours, we insist on using only human grade wholesome foods; meaning we don’t feed whatever we humans don’t eat. No shortcuts taken with ingredients, no price-gouging. The 100% natural recipes are freshly prepared with no preservatives, by-products, additives or fillers, and immediately vacuum sealed, ensuring the nutritional value is retained. Fresh out of the kitchen, pops right into the quick freezing temperature, the food gets right to you & ready to serve.