Do not re- cook or over heat. Store leftovers back into chiller & consume within 48 hrs after defrost

请勿过度加热形成高温以免毛孩烫伤 // 解冻后或加热后未使用完请至于冷藏保 // 在24小时内食用完

Start with a 4:1 proportion of your dog’s existing food to The pawfect food meal packs and gradually, you can increase it over the course of two to five days until you are feeding a 100% pawfect food. If there are soft stools at the start, go slower and mix pawfect food meals with existing food for a longer period of time!

第一次喂食鲜食餐,建议采用分阶段换食。第一餐在原食物加入1/4的鲜食, 每餐增加20%直到完全改成鲜食餐。过程中注意毛孩的粪便,如果成型就继续换食行程,如果软便,则鲜食换粮减少10%,直到成型。